Thursday, November 19, 2009

"They made us rerun our referendum, we should make them rerun this football match"

Just one of the many mad things I've heard uttered today following that goal last night in Paris. Come on people. Yeah, it would have been nice to have had some Irish interest in next year's World Cup, but sure it's not the end of the world. Is it?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The right to buy cigarettes on a Saturday

Gabriel on secularism (or lack of it) in Israel over at Harry’s Place:

Democracy simply as majority rule is fascism of the mob. It is this, more than anything that makes countries like Iran not a democracy. If the majority of people on a bus want it segregated, it should still be illegal to have a segregated bus. A mechanism to ensure the basic rights of the minority needs to be in place. In Israel, this mechanism is absent.

Also, not entirely unrelated, if the majority of people in a country want sixty seconds of bells and images of blokes on tractors pretending to be deep in thought before the main evening news begins they shouldn’t be able to have that either.

As this is Saturday, I’m off to buy 20 Marlboro in solidarity with my oppressed Israeli brothers and sisters.

Easily the most annoying piece of TV I've seen this year

Just watched something called The Season; according to the Beeb, a “dramatised reality series about a group of ten teenagers who descend on the party capital of Val d'Isère in the French Alps for their gap years.” Or as I define it, a big load of shite. And what is a gap year anyway? When I wasn’t at school or university I was, like, working to totally earn money and stuff so I could, like, stay alive. And stuff.

Friday, November 06, 2009


First it was Will. Then Hak Mao and the Drink Soaked Trots disappeared too. Gone. Gone underground perhaps. Looks like some changes are going to have to be made in my links section. Pity. The blogosphere seems that wee bit emptier without them. And just who is going to be given the task of calling people cunts now? Just saying like.

La lutta continua.