Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad news?

True, Labour certainly has its problems at the moment, but the fact that The Sun has announced that it will not be backing the party at the next general election shouldn’t really be viewed as one of them. If anything genuine socialists and social democrats should feel a wee bit more relaxed this evening that a Murdoch-owned, right-wing, racist rag will not be placing itself in the same camp as them. Tony Woodley hit the nail on the head when he stated that the paper “never supported one progressive policy.” And he probably could have added to that that they never will. The March 1997 change of support had a lot more to do with a desire to be on the winning side in that election rather than any profound philosophical conversion to democratic socialism on the part of News International. I imagine the switch back to the Conservatives also has less to do with a rousing endorsement of David Cameron’s policies than it has to do with the paper’s perpetual desire to be on the winning side when it comes to British elections. I wonder were Sun journalists all Man Utd supporters from London when they were kids? Bloody glory hunters. Don’t you just hate them?

One question does remain though: just who is The Scottish Sun going to support? If they aren’t going to back Labour and realise that voting Tory would be as enjoyable to most of their readers as eating their own testicles then it doesn’t leave much room for choice. The Lib Dems? Hardly. The SNP? Nah, the paper compared that to Scots hanging themselves a couple of years ago. I can’t see the Greens somehow floating The Scottish Sun’s boat. THE SCOTTISH SUN BACKS SHERIDAN? Now,wouldn’t that be interesting...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't let the side down on Lisbon - stick to the issues

I like Alan Kelly. I was well chuffed when he got elected to represent Munster in the European Parliament a few months back. But just what is he at with this latest '700 years was enough' garbage directed at the Little Englanders currently on the Irish leg of their European tour? I'm as much of an opponent of Nigel Farage as Alan is, however dragging up irrelevant historical references to Kilmainham Gaol, the GPO and Soloheadbeag will achieve nothing except to bring the progressive left's argument for a yes vote in the Lisbon referendum down to the level of those hideous UKIPers. We need to engage with these idiots on the basis of the benefits of the treaty and of European integration in general. Next time leave the faux chuckie spiel to some backwater Fianna Fail councillor.

Now, where did I put that CD of Sean South?